Student Council members check in donors

   On Monday, Nov. 14, the Student Council organized and set up the Red Cross Blood Drive, which gave students the opportunity to donate blood to help people in need. Students 16 and older are able to give blood through the school put on by the Student Council and the American Red Cross Foundation. 

   There were almost 50 people who signed up, 26 donors, and only 2 referrals. The blood drive was canceled halfway through because it was too cold in the gym to give blood. Not everyone who signed up got the chance to give blood, but 24 pints of blood were donated to help others. The next blood drive will be held on March 17, and the Student Council is wanting to see an increase of people to sign up so more blood can be donated.    

   Student Council member, sophomore Hannah Janda said it was worth the time.

   “The blood drive is the main project the student council puts on twice every year. It is a great way for our student council members to be involved and help out, but more importantly it is for a great cause. The blood donated can help patients and hospitals in many ways, one blood donation can save up to three lives," Hannah said.

   “I wanted to help people who are in need of blood, and it seemed like an easy way to help others in need,” said junior Ryan Johnson. 

Sophomore Brooklynn Christenson had similar reasons for donating. 

   “I decided to donate because I wanted to give my blood to help people. It’s for a good cause and I might as well participate if I’m able. It is also a good feeling when you’re all done and know that you just did something good to help others,” said sophomore. 

Junior Kim Evans has special insight on the need for her to donate. 

   “I chose to donate blood because I have O negative blood and it’s universal and I knew it could help almost anyone. It did it because it goes to a good cause and I knew I could help many people,” she said.