Middle School News

As the semester comes to a close, all of us at Aurora Middle School can’t help to reflect on just how lucky we all are.  While it is the season for counting all of our good fortunes, it is also the season of giving, and wow did AMS deliver on that this year!  One of the culminating events of the semester is our annual Change War.  While the 7th grade technically won the change war, we all won this year bringing in a record-setting $6974.75.  All of our proceeds went to the Christmas Cheer Project.  This is a fundraiser sponsored by the AMS CABS program to purchase Christmas gifts and gift cards to our local grocery store to help all families have a Merry Christmas this year!  It is things like this that makes Aurora a special place to live and Aurora Middle School a special place to be a part of.

Mr. Wieseler